Welcome to Victoria!

We have an active and thriving tennis community across all skill levels. Most play occurs on public courts spread throughout the region. In the winter, 3 of the area recreation centres offer indoor courts at affordable prices ($25-$28/hour). See our where to play guide to find courts, local clubs, and stores in the region.

If you are visiting for a few days or are looking to meet some people, consider dropping in for informal drop-in doubles play at Beacon Hill Park. Play tends to be for players rated 3.5 to 4.5. Just show up, introduce yourself to anyone sitting by the courts, and get in on the action. Players are expected to play one set of standard scoring doubles and then rotate off. There are no fees, but it’s appreciated if you bring a new can of balls.

Most local tournaments are open to anyone. Tennis BC sanctioned tournaments require a Canadian tennis association membership and can be signed up for online – USTA members and international visitors are welcomed, and should contact the tournament director for entry.