The South Island Tennis Association (SITA) is a volunteer organization on Vancouver Island which strives to promote, develop and build awareness of tennis as a lifetime sport. SITA is a proud member of Tennis BC. The recently relaunched website will showcase tennis activities in the region with regular posts and videos.

SITA supports the strategic plan of Tennis BC, coordinates tournament schedules, supports junior development, promotes media coverage for tennis activities, assists tennis professionals in their endeavor to further the game and encourages the expansion of tennis facilities and activities throughout local municipalities.

We firmly believe that tennis is a sport that can improve the quality of life for residents of Vancouver Island as it provides individuals an opportunity for recreational fun and fitness ,for high performance excellence, for developing self confidence, self discipline and self esteem and for learning fair play and good sportsmanship. These life-style values are fundamental to people of all ages.

Click here to view the 2017 SITA Brochure which details all the local tennis facilities and stores, tournaments and useful contacts. If you have any tennis images or videos please feel free to share on the SITA Facebook page.